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We are your landscaping design and build experts. Our team has a vast understanding of how to design and build projects that take into account the various aspects of landscaping that result in a project that looks truly extraordinary!

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Types of landscape design options

The beautiful aspect about landscaping is that every project is entirely unique and tailored to individual property owners' personal preferences. The variety of landscape features that can be included in landscape designs is vast and can include anything from a basic backyard made up entirely of grass to extreme backyards featuring large multi-level patios, large multi-tiered retaining walls,  or grand waterfalls to name a few. 

This is why it is very important to have a clear idea of the specific features that you wish to have installed at your property. Our landscape design team is very specialized and knowledgeable when it comes to the building process as well as the types of design elements that need to be included to ensure that the overall outcome of the project is truly extraordinary!


Featured below are a number of different images featuring projects that we have personally designed to demonstrate ideas that can be incorporated into your landscaping project. We recommend browsing through some of the illustrated landscaping pictures of different rendered 3D landscape designs and determine which ones you prefer as this can be very helpful to our design team when it comes to creating a project that is unique and is tailored to your preferences.

Tier I:  Landscape Design 

Tier I landscape designs are basic designs that often include minimal hardscaping and has a much larger focus on softscaping features. Some of these types of projects include yards that are largely composed of grass, basic garden beds, plantings, and other softscape features. These landscape design packages are often the most affordable landscaping projects.

3D landscape design, Winnipeg Manitoba, firepit and garden beds

Tier II:  Landscape Design

3D landscape design, patio with circular brick inlay,  garden beds, Project completed in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Tier II landscape design packages are very similar to basic landscape design projects but often includes a few more hardscape elements. These designs often feature grass paired with raised retaining wall garden beds. Basic patios may also be included in these landscape designs. The pricing for this style of project is often higher due to the increased cost of hardscape materials, machinery required for excavation, and additional labour required to construct these more complex projects.

Tier III:  Landscape Designs

Tier III landscape designs often include a large emphasis on hardscaping paired with more complex and time-consuming projects that required substantial amounts of knowledge, equipment, and hardscape materials. This style of project may include putting greens, large patios, challenging inlay patterns, and various hardscape elements that require more time-consuming installations.

3D landscape design Winnipeg, artificial turf putting green, basketball court, and pergola

Tier IV:  Landscape Designs

Tier IV landscape designs are landscaping projects that consume the largest amount of resources and often have an emphasis on hardscaping and other advanced features such as waterfalls, pergolas, or custom brick inlays. Often these projects are full-backyard renovations.

Day time view of backyard spa design
3D Design, beautiful backyard spa with waterfalls, waterfall stream, hot tub, sauna.
Night time view of backyard spa design
3D landscape design night view, landscape lighting