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We start the landscaping process when we come out to your property to understand exactly what you are looking to accomplish with the construction of your landscaping project.


At Xtraordinaire landscapes we always seek to provide more value to our clientele, and as such we try to offer alternative solutions when appropriate to work with your budget while still staying true to your vision.


Xtraordinaire Landscapes understands that seeing is believing. To provide our clients with the most value, we provide 3-dimensional technology which allows our clients to see what the property will look like before any construction occurs.


Now that your project is complete, you and your family can enjoy your landscaped property for years to come.


We look forward to working with you to create your dream project!


Our company was founded with one goal in mind; to create and build beautiful landscaping projects that can be seen all throughout Winnipeg!

At Xtraordinaire Landscapes, we pride ourselves on the quality of workmanship, no matter the size of the project. Nothing is more upsetting for us than seeing projects that were built to fail as a result of contractor negligence. We work diligently to ensure that all of our projects will be long-lasting. 

We love working with the beautiful people of Winnipeg to create custom landscaping designs that will make your yard a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is guaranteed to stand out from everyone else!




If you can envision it, we will build it!

We work closely with you and your budget to ensure that you will be able to have a beautifully landscaped project!


During the initial consultation, we will meet with you at your property and go over exactly what you are seeking to accomplish throughout the construction of your landscaping project.


Our landscape professionals will then measure your property to get all of the necessary dimensions to ensure that your 3-D rendering will be scaled correctly. We will then take pictures of your property to ensure that the design will look as close to reality as possible!


Please feel free to browse through the following links below to view previous landscape designs that we have completed and to learn more about your specific project.






Pavers and Slabs

We install a wide variety of pavers and slabs to construct patios, walkways, driveways with the main goal of exceeding your expectations in the hardscaping realm of your project.


Our team works with you and your budget to determine the appropriate quantity of materials to use for each and every hardscape application.


At Xtraordinaire Landscapes we bring creativity into our designs by incorporating contrasting colours, pavers, and slabs to create a project that is one-of-a-kind and most importantly is built-to-last. We use only the highest quality of materials sourced from the industry leader Barkman Concrete to provide our clients with high-quality hardscape projects. 

Here at Xtraordinaire Landscapes, we always strive to go above our clients' expectations. As such, we incorporate the use of 3-dimensional landscape technology to producing stunning visuals in a 3-D format to provide a visual representation of what the project will look like before our team works our magic!

We work with residential clients in Winnipeg to design landscaping projects that meet your requirements, budget, and most importantly deliver the quality results that you expect.


We design a wide variety of landscaping projects for clients in Winnipeg including the construction of beautiful garden beds, patios, retaining walls, pondless waterfalls and so much more. 

3-D Design

Nothing is more beautiful than a garden bed that was carefully constructed to include the use of a variety of perennials, annuals, and trees that are all carefully picked out and planted to look their best as they bloom at different stages throughout the landscaping season. 

We work closely with our clients to determine the appropriate plants by taking into account a wide variety of elements including but not limited to plants that prefer sun/shade, plant growth and size limitations, foliage, seasonal colour changes to name a few.  


By professionally assessing the landscape, our team will be able to develop a plan that will ensure that your project will look like the masterpiece that you deserve to showcase throughout the entire year.

Garden Beds

Firepits are an excellent addition to add to any landscaping project. Fireplaces provide the serenity needed after a long day at work. They make for a great social area that friends and family can enjoy while providing an environment that simulates being out of the city. 

We install a wide variety of Barkman firepits that provide our clients with a look that corresponds to the shape, style, and look of the yard. Whether we are looking to achieve a modern, natural, or contemporary design we will make sure to go the extra mile to make sure that the firepit suits your needs.

Our professional installation team takes into account the placement of firepits to ensure that bylaw needs are met, without compromising the design.


Sod Installation

Sod is a great way to instantly add colour and functionality to your yard!


Our professional installation team knows how to ensure that the sod installed correctly so that it will look its best by ensuring that the proper installation steps are taken. 

Our team takes into account the appropriate grading that is necessary to ensure that water run-off from your yard does not damage your house.


If you are in need of an excavation project but do not have the ability to do so by hand, our team would love to help you out. 

If you have a tight space to get through we have you covered. We have equipment that is capable of getting through tight areas as wide as 38 inches.

Give us a call today to see how we can help you with your project!

Water Features

Waterfeatures are a way of bringing the natural sounds of mother nature into your own backyard.


Our team can install a variety of water features to enhance your landscape by providing a natural look. 

Our team takes into consideration various elements of water features including the waterfalls weir, gallons per hours (gph), head height, and many other critical aspects of the water feature to ensure that the appropriate equipment is installed to have a successful waterfall.

Pondless waterfalls are a great option for clients who want to enjoy the beauty of a natural waterfall without the worry about mosquitos and other insects as a result of no visible stagnant water.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an excellent way to ensure that your project looks great during the day and even better at night!

Landscape lighting enhances clients' property to ensure that the landscaped space can be enjoyed at any period in the day and can really be used to enhance the landscape features!

Our team plans accordingly whether you are using up-lighting, down-lighting, walkway lighting, step lighting, to ensure that you are able to take your landscaping project to the next level! 

Re-Levelling Services

Has your project experienced failure? Have your bricks or slabs shifted? 

Provided Winnipeg is notable for being in a freeze-thaw climate, patios are subject to more extreme shifting conditions.

By professionally having your hardscape project constructed, you can minimize the chances of shifting and instead increase the longevity of your landscaped project. 

Contact us to see how we can restore your property!


Softscaping is a type of landscaping that revolves around incorporating horticultural elements into landscape designs.  Softscapes includes horticultural elements that are incorporated into the landscape project. This includes the use of plants, trees, shrubs, and mulch, and much more!

Our professional designers understand how to incorporate a variety of softscape elements to provide a beautiful landscape project that exceeds expectations.

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How much does a patio cost?

This is a difficult question to answer as we must take into account many factors to determine an exact price point. The cost per square foot varies between $24 and $60 per square foot. We must take into account the amount of excavation required, accessibility, soil type, and customized designs to name a few. Our landscape professionals understand that no single landscaping project is the exact same and thus the material requirements may differ.

What is less expensive? Pavers or slabs?

Generally speaking, slabs are less expensive to have installed on a per square foot basis. That being said, when we complete custom landscape designs for clients, the price can increase based on the amount of customization required for the project. This is often seen in the case of blending slabs together as it takes our crew substantially more time to custom cut patio slabs using our concrete saws.

Can I use any Barkman slabs for a driveway?

No, we must select slabs or pavers that are rated for this application. Contact us today to see which slabs you can have installed at your property.

How thick does a patio base have to be?

The thickness of your base is determined based on many factors. Generally speaking, for patios and walkways you would want to have a base of 3/4" down limestone that is at a minimum of six inches thick. A bedding layer of concrete sand will then be placed on top of this to minimize shifting as a result of seasonal changes due to our freeze-thaw climate in Winnipeg.


Are all softscape materials priced the same?

No, all softscape materials vary in price. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to get an estimate for the softscape material that you are looking to incorporate in your landscaping project.

How much does sod cost to install?

We charge approximately $1.32 per square foot to install sod when no additional materials or service are required. Additional charges will apply in the case that additional excavation, grading, or soil is required for the landscaping project.


How much does it cost for a landscape design?

We charge a flat fee of $300 for landscape designs under one acre. We will provide two 3-dimensional computerized landscaping designs along with one more after we have received your input on the previously sent designs.


This fee will be rebated for clients that have us complete their landscaping project.


Do I require a down payment for my landscaping project?

Yes, we require a 30 percent non-refundable down payment at the time of signing the contract. Following this payment, once our crew arrives on site we require an additional 30 percent before any work is to begin. The remaining 40 percent will be required at the completion of the landscaping project.


Are you insured?

Yes, we have 2,000,000 of general liability coverage. This will make sure that you are covered in the case that an unforeseen accident occurs on your property.

Are your employees insured?

Yes, all of our employees are covered under the workers' compensation board of Manitoba.

Japanese Landscaping Design

This Japanese landscaping design was constructed to minimize maintenance due to the 3/4" river rock that encompassed the majority of this backyard project. We built this project to stay true to our clients vision. We included the use of top-soil, plants, boulders, and much more.