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How much does landscaping cost in Winnipeg?

Estimating the cost of your project

How much will my landscaping project cost?

Landscaping, like any home improvement project, can have a wide range of costs associated with the project depending on what is included in the scope of work. Most of our clients' residential landscaping projects in Winnipeg usually range in price from $25,000 to $100,000. 

Projects that involve substantial amounts of hardscaping which is the use of pavers, slabs, brick edging, and retaining walls to name a few will typically cost more to have installed than softscaping projects which focus more on the horticultural elements of landscape design such as sod, plants, garden beds, etcetera.

We are going to do our best to break down some of the common landscaping costs that you can expect so that you can make an informed decision when budgeting for your future landscaping project. 

How much does softscaping cost?

To get the most accurate softscaping estimate, we would highly recommend having a landscape professional come out to assess your property. The costs illustrated below are for reference purposes so that you can get an idea of how much you should budget for your next landscaping project.

Tree plantings typically range from $350-700 per tree dependent upon tree size and variety selected (10 gallon, 15 gallon, 20 gallon, etc.). Shrub installation will cost on average between $50 and $130 per shrub to have planted. Granite boulders typically cost around $400-650 per boulder to have installed dependent upon the size. Fieldstone boulders will cost less than granite boulders and typically range in price from $350-450 per boulder to have installed dependent upon size. Excavation equipment that is brought to the site will typically cost anywhere from $95 to $110 per hour/per machine. These are just a few of the costs that you can expect to pay for your landscaping renovation. To get an accurate estimate of your landscaping project please contact us.

How much does sod cost to have installed?

Sod typically costs $2.50 per square foot to have installed but additional factors can increase the cost per square foot such as additional grading required, machine accessibility, and additional manual labor to name a few.  To get the most accurate estimate for your sod installation, we would highly recommend getting in touch with one of our landscape consultants who will come out to view your property and provide you with an accurate landscaping estimate for your specific landscaping project!

3D Design - backyard landscaping design featuring sod and granite in garden beds
Modern front yard design, grand front entrance

How much will my hardscaping project cost?

As a Winnipeg resident, you know that we live in a freeze-thaw climate due to the wide fluctuation of temperature experienced throughout the year. This is particularly important when it comes to designing and building landscape construction projects as the projects must be built to industry standards so that they can last multiple seasons. This includes taking into account the proper excavation depths, the thickness of the base material, types of base material used for the application, type of compaction required, and the load that will be placed upon the surface of the hardscaping projects to name a few factors.

Every project is unique and as such a one-size-fits-all answer cannot be necessarily be applied. We will do our best to break down some of the typical costs involved in hardscaping projects whether you are looking at having a paver patio, slab walkway, retaining wall, driveway, or any other hardscape feature installed. 

Paver or slab walkway estimate:

The typical cost to have a paver or slab patio installed ranges on average $30-40 per square foot if machines and equipment will have easy access to the location of the desired patio. If there is limited or no machine access to the desired patio location the costs may run anywhere from $40-60+ per square foot as more manual labor will need to take place to complete the project.  

Please view some of the following examples below which illustrate different scenarios that result in different pricing outcomes :

Project Phasing:

Project phasing is the process of designing and building projects over more than one season. Many of our clients choose to phase their landscaping projects due to not having a large enough budget to complete the entire project at one time. At Xtraordinaire Landscapes we are always trying to strategically plan landscaping projects so that minimal re-work is required to minimize the overall budget required throughout the phasing process.


The cost of landscaping projects varies significantly based on the design selected. Landscaping projects typically range from $25,000 to $100,000 which is why phasing projects is often a highly desirable option. 

Planning is an extremely critical aspect of any landscaping project but is even more crucial when phasing projects over more than one season to ensure that the landscaping project plans today do not interfere with the plans of the future. One of our experienced staff members will be more than happy to work with you to design and plan your landscaping project whether it is all planned for one season or many!

How much does a 3-D landscape design cost?

We charge a flat fee of $400.00 + GST for residential 3-D landscape designs under one acre. Commercial 3-D landscape designs will vary in cost depending on scale of project. We will provide two 3-dimensional computerized landscaping designs to you in a walk-through format. Minor modifications will follow to perfect your landscaping project. Additional designs come at a cost of $100.00 + GST per design requested.


We also offer 2-dimensional landscape design plans as well. Prices vary depending on the level of detail required for the project.


Our landscape design fee is rebated for clients that have our company complete all the work on their landscaping project.