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flint lexington tile 16 x 24 Installation - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Designing and building luxury landscapes is what we do!

We work closely with our clientele to ensure that the delivered results exceed expectations.


When we design properties we take into account a wide array of factors including clients preferences', sun exposure, hardscape/softscape features, water features, design style, desired level of maintenance, house colour, and many more factors to ensure that the outcome of the project is extraordinary!

Our services

Custom pondless waterfall installation - landscape contractor - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Waterfeatures are a beautiful addition that can be added to any landscape project. 

Installation of features such as pondless waterfalls are an excellent option for clients who desire waterfalls without the tedious maintenance!

Waterfall Installation

Waterfall Installation

Waterfall Installation

Artificial turf installation -Landscape contractor - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Some of the many benefits that artificial turf provides is as follows:

•Elimination of lawn maintenance
•Soft on the feet
•Looks good year-round
•Saves water
•No need for fertilizer

Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial Turf Installation

landscape consultation - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Booking a landscape consultation can be very beneficial to ensure that your goals with your project today do not interfere with your future property plans.

A landscape professional will be able to provide recommendations based on the years of industry experience and can provide (in some cases) suggestions that can be more cost-effective in the long-term.

Landscape Consultation

Landscape Consultation

Large privacy screen installation - landscape contractor - Winnipeg, Manitoba

We install a wide array of custom privacy screens for clients that desire a private backyard experience.

Our landscape design team will work with you on your project to ensure that the privacy screen that you have installed matches your backyard.

Privacy Screen Installation

Privacy Screen Installation

Firepit installation - Landscape contractor - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Firepits are a great option for clients to enjoy their outdoor living space year-round.

Contact us today to discuss firepit designs and material options available.

Firepit Installation

Firepit Installation

Paver and slab relevelling -Landscape contractor - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Landscaping,  just like anything requires some touch-ups overtime. 

Restoring your property by relevelling pavers and slabs back to their original condition can drastically improve your property value. 

Failing to properly install the patio in the first place can also be a route cause of paver and slab shifting and as such we recommend professional installation.

Paver and Slab Relevelling

Paver and Slab Relevelling

Putting green installation - landscape contractor - Winnipeg, Manitoba

We install custom putting greens for clients so that they can continue to improve upon their putting game in their own backyard.

Contact us today to discuss artificial putting green turfs available and pricing.

Putting Green Installation

Putting Green Installation

Retaining wall installation - Landscape contractor - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Retaining walls have both functional and decorative purposes.

Contact us to discuss retaining wall construction and design options available.

Retaining Wall Installation

Retaining Wall Installation

Sod and softscape installation - landscape contractor - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Our team professionally installs a variety of softscape elements including but not limited to:

  • Sod

  • Plants

  • Soil

  • Mulch

  • Granite

  • Decorative stone

  • ...and much more!

Softscape Installation

Softscape Installation

3 dimensional landscape design contractor - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Developing innovative designs tailored to our clients' needs for their landscaping projects are what we do best! 

Our team of creative landscape professionals understand how to create beautiful landscaping projects that are guaranteed to stand out!

3-Dimensional Landscape Design

3-Dimensional Landscape Design

Excavation - Grading services - Landscape contractor -  Winnipeg, Manitoba

Excavation is a strenuous task to complete manually. We would love to help you out with your project!


We have equipment capable of getting through gates as narrow as 36 inches. Let our team of enthusiastic, hardworking landscape professionals take care of the hard work for you!



Hardscape installation contractor - paver, slab, retaining walls - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hardscape installation requires a substantial amount of preparation to deliver the spectacular results that we love to admire.

Our team professionally installs:

  • Retaining walls

  • Paver and slab patios

  • Walkways

  • Brick edging 

  • ...and much more!

Hardscape installation

Hardscape Installation